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Romulan Battle Cruiser 1:1000 Scale Model Kit


The Ultimate Klingon counterpart!


Incidental contact could not be assorted when the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 crossed over into the disputed Neutral Zone by the command of her legendary captain, James T Kirk.  In the classic episode of Star Trek: The Original Series "The Enterprise Incident", the crew of the Enterprise quickly found their valiant starship surrounded by Romulan Battle Cruisers.  Kirk's seemingly irrational behaviour would eventually be revealed as a grand scheme to gain the secret cloaking technology of their arch foes.  The event earned yet another masterfully played victory for Captain Kirk.

This model kit brings the Romulan Battle Cruiser to life in miniature form.  At 1:1000 scale the model snaps together to build a 9.5" long ship.  The Romulan's signature warbird motif comes supplied as water-slide decals along with optional Romulan and Klingon markings.  Comprised of over 30 plastic parts, the kit also comes with a dome display base with a wire support that allows the model to be displayed at a variety of angles.

Skill level 2 - Ages 10+